Now Indians Can Buy Valorant Points with Paytm

Now Indians Can Buy Valorant Points with Paytm

Now, you can buy Valorant points with your Paytm account without any hassle.
After adding Mumbai server to the game, Riot is really showing that they care about their Indian fans by adding a Paytm as a payment option in Valorant. Now, Indians can buy valorant points with their paytm account. In India, Paytm is one of the most famous virtual payment system in India if not the most famous.

Very limited number of Indians have access to payment methods such as Credit Cards, PayPal etc. The number of credit card holders in India is less than 5%. Many Indians cannot buy games or in-game currencies for this lone reason. This hurts both the customer and the developer.

But now, Indian Valorant players can simply click on the Valorant Points icon which is right next to the STORE tab (top-right) of the main menu and select Paytm to buy valorant points.

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